FREE Ebook – “In the Dark”


My short story “In the Dark” will be available on Kindle for FREE from March 22-26, 2018. Get your free copy starting tomorrow. Don’t forget to read it and leave a review!


Kitsune (Fox) Mask


I got myself a Japanese fox (kitsune) mask and tried it on. It’s really quite striking! “Kon! Kon!” (That’s what the fox says . . . at least in Japanese.)

Relevant to a certain scene I’ve got set up for Mindfield (the sequel to Transmogrified), I’m thinking of putting something like this on the cover whenever I get around to completing the book. Eeheehee!



Transmogrified – 1 Year Later


This month marks the one-year anniversary of the publication of my first science fiction novel Transmogrified. While many people have expressed an interest in purchasing and reading the book, very few have actually done so. I’m starting to wonder what I’m doing wrong or maybe people just don’t read books anymore (Unless it’s porn? I have found myself wondering a lot lately — reminded of the successes of Fifty Shades of Grey and Twilight. Sorry, I had to say it!). Then again, all of the reviews I have gotten have been positive, so it seems I’m just not reaching a wide enough audience.

Anyway, I hope people still read books and readers interested in science fiction still exist in this reality. Please, give my book a try and write a review of it on Amazon and/or Goodreads. I will be very, very, very, ETERNALLY grateful for your readership and good reviews! Grab yourself a copy and expand your mind, imagination, and universe!

Transmogrified ebook for Kindle.

Transmogrified in paperback.

Picture of main characters in silhouette (below).

Transmogrified_Silhouette_team1 Lab White

Animal Sketches #1


For the past few weeks, I’ve been meticulously studying animals and how to draw them. I started off doing many pencil drawings (not pictured in this post), but here are my most recent animal sketches from a very small sketchbook. I drew them all with a ballpoint pen without penciling them in first or erasing (something I didn’t even know I was capable of doing until just a few days ago). The cheetah scanned a bit blurry in one spot because the drawing spans two pages and I could not press the pages perfectly flat.

Below, you will see a wolf running in the snow, a happy fox looking up at you, a cheetah lying on a grassy mound, a cat’s head in profile, and a Borzoi dog resting its head on a cushion.



My Animal Drawings Project – Child and Adult Artwork


So, I found some old drawings I had made during the 1990s when I was a child. Only one had a date on it (the gorilla from 1997 — in which I would have been age 13 or 14), but I recognize from the poses and textures that all of the drawings come from a “how-to-draw” animals book I got as a kid. I’m guessing the more primitive-looking drawings are from an earlier date, such as 1995, so I assume I drew them all around the same year (in which I would have been 12 years old). This year (2017), I redrew some of the animals, and you can see the comparisons below . . .

CHILD                                              ADULT



Christmas Guinea Pigs!


I took some cute Christmas pig-tures of my guinea pigs Clover and Jazzy. Enjoy the adorableness of “peegs” with bows on their heads.

Here’s CLOVER topped with a red bow; one picture taken from each side. She has black fur on one side of her face, while the other side has only red fur. Clover has a a calm and gentle demeanor, and allowed me to take these photos with surprising ease.


And here’s JAZZY, sporting a green bow in a couple of slightly different poses. I had to take these pictures quickly before she knew what’s up. She’s a hyper piggy! As soon as she realized I had put a bow on her head, she shook it off and wouldn’t let me put it back on again (and that was the end of that!).


Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

In the Sandbox (A Poem)


Here is a poem I wrote back in my university poetry class.


In the Sandbox

As children, life was wild and unrestrained.

We struggled every day against the beasts

That lurked in wait to leap upon us misfits.

We often wished of having greater might,

Or dreamed of other worlds where we’d be safe.

Together, we would gather for protection.

Those bullies must have felt some kind of hate

Or jealousy to look upon us there,

And without reason, attacked us harshly.

Now when some children grow to be adults

They have the jungle still inside of them.

Their hearts are dark, devising clever ways

To justify their violent tendencies;

Coating them with lovely rhetoric

And sophisticated modern weaponry.

Are we not still like children, flinging sand?

The stakes are higher on this playground.

While we shoot and drop missiles, glorifying war,

The sandbox slowly buries our bloodied victims.