Transmogrified Book Trailer – Your Feedback


I would like some feedback as to what viewers think about my book trailer for Transmogrified. Here are some questions you can answer to help me improve my marketing strategy in the future. Please write your answers in the comments section here on this blog, or on the same post shared on my Facebook page (by following this URL): Transmogrified Book Trailer

1. Does this book trailer look professional? Why or why not?

2. Did the video capture your interest? Why or why not?

3. Are the character degins appealing? Why or why not?

4. How did you feel when you watched this video?

5. What could I do to improve the “Transmogrified” book trailer and make it more appealing to a science fiction reader (or even to capture the interest of people who are not normally drawn to science fiction)?

Feel free to write any other comments or suggestions regarding this book trailer.



Transmogrified – Now Available!


transmogrified_chase1Here is some art I created for my first-ever science fiction novel Transmogrified. The book is now available for sale on createspace at this link (I would encourage you to purchase from here*):

The ebook version is now available for Amazon Kindle here:

Here’s the Amazon page for the paperback (*Be aware that if you purchase a paperback from Amazon, the author gets less money than if you purchase from createspace, so choose wisely whom you wish to support more – the author or the corporation):