Transmogrified – 1 Year Later


This month marks the one-year anniversary of the publication of my first science fiction novel Transmogrified. While many people have expressed an interest in purchasing and reading the book, very few have actually done so. I’m starting to wonder what I’m doing wrong or maybe people just don’t read books anymore (Unless it’s porn? I have found myself wondering a lot lately — reminded of the successes of Fifty Shades of Grey and Twilight. Sorry, I had to say it!). Then again, all of the reviews I have gotten have been positive, so it seems I’m just not reaching a wide enough audience.

Anyway, I hope people still read books and readers interested in science fiction still exist in this reality. Please, give my book a try and write a review of it on Amazon and/or Goodreads. I will be very, very, very, ETERNALLY grateful for your readership and good reviews! Grab yourself a copy and expand your mind, imagination, and universe!

Transmogrified ebook for Kindle.

Transmogrified in paperback.

Picture of main characters in silhouette (below).

Transmogrified_Silhouette_team1 Lab White


Transmogrified – All Watercolor Paintings of Main Characters


Here are all of the watercolor portraits of my characters together for all to see and enjoy!

Note: I had to crop the pictures a little bit since I used my camera to take a picture of each one. Watercolors slightly warp the paper so they don’t appear perfectly straight in the photograph.

Transmogrified – Watch Me Paint Eugene Snipes with Watercolors!


I wasn’t satisfied with the video I made where I colored Eugene with colored pencils, so I made a new one where I paint the same character in a different style with watercolors. This one is more realistic and less cartoony than the first one.

I had a lot of trouble making the video, including having to reinstall the software I was using to record it after it got corrupted!

Darn you, Eugene! Not only are you a troublemaker for Dr. M, but you’re also a troublemaker for me! (Heh, heh.)