Transmogrified – Audiobook Sample Chapter (Chapter 1)


No, I’m not making an entire audiobook . . . yet. Here is a sample chapter of Transmogrified. It is ‘Chapter 1: The Genetic Experiments’ read in its entirety.

I couldn’t get a professional voice actor, so this will just have to do for now.

Please buy my book if you want to find out what happens next!

Transmogrified – All Watercolor Paintings of Main Characters


Here are all of the watercolor portraits of my characters together for all to see and enjoy!

Note: I had to crop the pictures a little bit since I used my camera to take a picture of each one. Watercolors slightly warp the paper so they don’t appear perfectly straight in the photograph.

Transmogrified – Themes & Interpretations


Today I was thinking about the wide range of themes my sci-fi novel Transmogrified covers: bioethics, the impact of new technology on the world, disability, prejudice, social anxiety, shame, depression and suicide, child abuse, misunderstandings, empathy and compassion, facing one’s fears, how society progresses far more slowly than its technology advances, and so much more. Also, there are many different ways in which the book could be interpreted. For example, my S.O. recently re-read the book and pointed out that Dr. M’s story (whose problems often stem from how others treat him as a person with dwarfism) could be interpreted as a metaphor for what it’s like to be transgender. That was an interesting insight I had never thought of before, but when I looked at the story closer, that interpretation did make a surprising amount of sense.

Anyway, I hope my readers enjoy the novel and that it resonates with you on some level. Maybe you can relate to some of the characters and their struggles, or maybe you see a reflection of the present world in the “future world” of the book, or maybe you will find a whole new metaphorical interpretation of your own. That’s the fun of books. There are many layers to explore and you can discover new things with each new reading. I look forward to the reviews and conversations sparked by Transmogrified.

Me Singing “Leia” (a Vocaloid song in Japanese)


Here’s my first video where you get to hear me sing in Japanese! It’s a song called “Leia” written for Vocaloid (Kiyoteru Hiyama, I think). If you don’t know what a Vocaloid is, it’s computer software that sings and each voice is usually associated with a character and a name. The most well-known Vocaloid is Miku Hatsune (or Hatsune Miku, in Japanese).