Transmogrified – Marketing Challenge


To tell the truth, I have no idea how to market my book. I like to write and draw and I spend a lot of time just trying to do those things and improve on those skills, but now there’s the added challenge of how I’m supposed to market my work. I wish I had a bunch of money so I could pay someone else to do this tedious part for me, but I’m disabled and living with my parents just to survive. So it’s all up to me.

I’m thinking of  creating a book trailer video for Transmogrified. I’ve been experimenting with what this might look like using PowerPoint but I don’t know how to create a video. The concept shows words of dialogue between characters and the silhouettes of those characters to give some idea of who’s talking. I should figure out how to do this and get it on Amazon.

I don’t use Twitter or Facebook, even though I know they are popular venues for generating interest in one’s work. I feel that Facebook especially can be a major distraction from working on what I consider more important things. So what’s an author to do? Hmm . . .


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