Transmogrified (delays and sketches)



Above: Sketches of “Dr. M” from Transmogrified dancing. Has nothing to do with the events in the book. Just something I did for fun.

The publication of my first sci-fi novel, Transmogrified, has been delayed until next year (2017). Right now, a genetics professor is in the process of reading and critiquing the book. I have no idea how long it will take him to finish, seeing that he is busy with other things right now (such as research and grading finals).

So in the meantime, I wonder if I should start working on some illustrations for the book, or if creating a separate official art book containing my sketches would be better, or if I should just keep working on writing the second book in the series. If I do decide to illustrate Transmogrified, I’m not sure whether to have a section in the back for all the drawings, or whether to scatter illustrations throughout the book. I feel that if there are illustrations throughout the book, it might not encourage the reader to imagine what the characters and places look like on their own, and people might see the book as a children’s book when really I feel it’s more for young adults and older.

If you have any opinions/suggestions on this idea, please write them in the comments section.


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