Transmogrified – Update #1


I read and edited the first physical proof of my novel, improved the cover images, and sent the changes to CreateSpace. I have reviewed the changes and ordered my second proof. Now I’m waiting for its arrival. After that, I will reread everything, looking for mistakes and making sure the novel is ready for publishing. I hope my perfectionism won’t get in the way of finally publishing it. It has taken at least 17 years of writing to get to this point and I have so many other ideas for stories that I need to get working on after this one is launched into the world. The years I spent getting my university degree and learning how to write better have put this novel in limbo for a long time, but now it is finally getting close to publication!

I know I still have a long way to go to becoming a great writer, and I may never be considered “Great” but I am always striving to improve my writing and refine my style. Alongside this novel, I have already been working on its sequel, and I have some vague ideas for a third, so this could turn into a trilogy. We shall see!


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